Bee Update 2020-06-10

Paul’s bees were installed on May 28, 2020.

The bees emerge from their nuc on the right, early morning, May 28, after a long drive the night before from Guysborough county.
A few hours later the bees are installed in their new home. No queen spotted, but as soon as the frames were in the new deep, the leftover bees streamed right in.
Bees in their new hive, May 28. I accidentally put their screened bottom board on upside down and backwards…

June 1

Checking on the petal-strewed bees, June 1. Paul’s lot is loaded with fruit trees. These petals are from a nearby Juneberry tree (a.k.a., Saskatoon berry or wild pear). We had a few good sunny (and hot!) days but a lot of rainy (and cold) days between May 28 (installation) and June 10 (1st inspection). Incredible how big the hive got with only a few sunny days to forage.

June 4

Bee check-in, June 4. First walking check-in. 2.17 km, there and back again. Practically all trail (no road) walking–what a treat to walk through a park and the woods (and over a train track) to check on my very busy bees.

First inspection, June 10.

You can spot that queen a mile away!
The hive was stuffed with bees. Already time to add a second deep. These girls have been busy! Lots of activity + nectar + pollen. The girls were just starting to fill out the outer frames, which is where I spotted the queen. Clearly, this hive was shouting for more room!
Hi, queen!
Doubled up and their bottom board is now right side up! I love how pretty this hive looks in amongst these trees.