Raised Garden Bed 4×8


We are currently only selling and building beds in the New Waterford area.
Raised garden beds are 4×8 feet.
Beds are constructed with rough, untreated spruce lumber 4x4s & held together with spikes (large nails).
Bed height is about one (1) foot off the ground.
Beds can be sat or leaned on to make gardening easier.
Beds DO NOT include soil, compost/manure, and/or seeds or plants.

Out of stock

  • You will need a sunny, sheltered area for your raised garden bed.
  • A vegetable garden needs at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Please ensure you have access to land or permission to build a bed before purchasing our raised beds.
  • Once your order is processed we will contact you to set up a building date. We may visit you to determine a location before we build.